Hi everyone, my name is Elizabeth and Be Your Health is a passion project of mine. I am not just one thing but I am a lifelong sufferer of chronic digestion issues, a Hashimoto’s warrior, a trauma survivor, a CPTD Warrior, I am a certified health coach with Dr. Sears, a dog mom, an Enneagram 5, an INTJ that is learning to be an INFS, and a lover of all things travel. It is my passion to help women find their version of healthy through supporting our mind and body with healthy food choices. I know what It is like to sit in a season of struggle knowing better but not desiring to do better. I know what it is to reconnect with your why and find the road to healing and health. There is no one perfect way to reach health we are all individuals and that means that there are many avenues to find what is healthy for you. Let me help you define your why so you can reach your desired level of health.




Be Your Health is built on the foundation of my personal beliefs and lessons learned on what it takes to have a healthy life. I have learned that there is a symbiotic relationship between mind, body, and nutrition and when I nurture this relationship, I can reach my healthiest version. If I am eating right, I have energy and clarity, that energy allows me to move my body in the ways that I want, which then helps keep my mind focused on the positive actions and accomplishments. I know that for myself I am less likely to engage in negative self-condemnation and shaming if I am at least putting in a partial effort to keep the cycle going. It is also easier for me to focus on keeping the habits going when look at the choices I make as a training or fueling my body for tomorrow. It is not my goal to be the coach that has it right 100% of the time. It is my goal to be real and share in the ups and downs, wins and struggles and help you discover what healthy looks like for you. I don’t care if your healthy is walking around the block or if it is running an ultra-marathon. You get to decide what healthy looks like to you in your current season, and if it changes along the way that is ok to. No one but you gets the final say on what is or is not healthy for you.