How we use our mind is the first core fundamental belief. Our minds are our most powerful tool when it comes to health. Without a healthy mind we cannot truly live a healthy life. A healthy mind lets us notice the small changes, celebrate the wins as they come, and keep focused on the end goal when things are tough. I will help you gain the skills needed to teach your mind how to make healthier decisions.


Core fundamental two of Be Your Health is the Body. Moving our bodies aides, us in many ways that are increasingly beneficial the more we do it. Movement helps create muscle mass for skeletal support, with movement we detoxify through our sweat and breath, and movement triggers the release of chemicals for balancing our hormones and moods. I will take you through ways to move your body that is ideal for your life style and goals. 


What we eat is the third fundamental belief for Be Your Health. Our relationship with food can aide or detract from our success with the first two first two pillars. Think of it as putting regular gas in your care versus putting premium fuel in your car. Regular gas is ok and will get you from a to b just fine. Premium on the other hand will get you from a to b while helping boost your cars performance. I will help you learn to be aware of what will boost your performance and drive your best health.